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Today, I have the pleasure of introducing you to Alice Peck, one of the best principals I have ever worked with. You'll love to get to know her in this episode.

  • How she came to be where she is at.
  • What she noticed coming from Texas to Utah.
  • What she really enjoys about how things have changed since she came to her current position.
  • How she got her staff on board right from the beginning with PBIS.
  • The art program at Oakdale.
  • The process of starting PBIS at her school. Practical advice of how to get things going.
  • How important it is to have the whole staff involved in school-wide initiatives (speaking of PBIS specifically).
  • Why an actual form for Office Discipline Referral form is important.
  • Where to go when processes are established and ready to maintain. My second part interview with the great Alice Peck. In this episode we focus on her new assignment as a principal of a Title I school in our district.

  • What is Alice going to take with her to her new Title I school?

  • What is Alice anxious about in going to her new school?
  • Why Alice is excited about change.
  • "If you're not nervous, you probably shouldn't be doing this!"
  • How Alice is going to overcome her fears.
  • "The greatest way to overcome fear is to face it and address it!"
  • How Alice will deal with building trust as fast as she can. Hint: you can't speed up trust.
  • The importance of visibility as a school leader.
  • Modeling the kind of work ethic she wants her staff to have.
  • What advice does Alice have to be a transformative principal? Surround yourself with smart people.
  • What helps Alice focus on what is most important? (I forgot to take a picture before I left her office! I'll see if you can send me one.)


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