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Top Ten Transformative Principal Episodes of 2018!

This was the best year ever for Transformative Principal content.

If you’ve been listening all year, you’ve heard amazing stories of schools that are doing incredible things throughout the world.

Here are the top ten podcasts from this year:

10: Formative Five with Tom Hoerr Transformative Principal 225 - In this podcast, I talk with Tom Hoerr about his book Formative Five, which highlights the five characteristics kids need to develop. I also make a bold claim that maybe that is all schools should teach!

9: How to have inclusive schools with Alysson Keelen Transformative Principal 238 - Alysson talks about the need for inclusive schools and inspires me. This conversation played a big role in our school having an inclusive approach.

8: Design39Campus School Visit Overview - This is a short podcast which is actually better as a video on YouTube. I took some pictures of a visit to Design39Campus in Poway, CA and it was awesome and inspiring.

7: Learner Centered Innovation with Katie Martin Transformative Principal 241 - While Katie and I talked briefly of her book of the same title, we talked mostly about how to do that actual work of being focused on learners, something many schools pretend to do, but don’t.

6: The First Days of School with Jethro Jones Transformative Principal 240 - I love these rare episodes where I talk about what I am actually doing at my school. It’s so much fun. I hope you enjoy it, too. We took a big step in being student-focused this year, and we are seeing some great results.

5: Finding Balance with Dr. Spike Cook Transformative Principal 220 - It’s always fun to talk with Spike, and this one was no different. Spike is so genuine with what he is learning about and how to make himself more impactful.

4: Can Do U with Jeff Becker Transformative Principal 232 - Jeff Becker has become a true friend after I met him on this interview. He is an awesome guy who is doing great work with kids. He came up and did a speech to students at a high school here in Fairbanks, and it was great to meet him in person, and hear his awesome speech. You know how high schoolers are sometimes too cool for whatever is in front of them, right? Well, there were certainly some kids who were acting that way, but then he reeled them into his story eventually, and it was powerful to see in person. You should totally reach out to him to have him speak to your kids.

3: Changing assessments with Melissa Emler Transformative Principal 1048 - This is a great interview with Melissa Emler about assessments. She is doing a lot of work with Modern Learners and we talk about assessments in this episode.

2: Results Matter with Karl Rectanus Transformative Principal 237 - Karl Rectanus founded LEARN to help schools streamline ed tech tools. We talk about how his company helps schools know if the technology they are thinking about purchasing.

And finally, the #1 downloaded podcast this year was:

1: Creating a Gradeless Math Classroom when grades are still required with Andrew Burnett Transformative Principal 231 - In this episode I interview Andrew about how he doesn’t use grades, even though they are still required in his district.

Blockchain in Education

I don't understand blockchain well enough to comment too much on this, but the thought greatly intrigued me, and it happened to be the first few seconds of this podcast: StartEdUp with Don Wettrick and Jeremy Williams.

Anything that will get us further away from meaningless grades is a step in the right direction.

Imagine if the feedback we gave students actually mattered! It would be incredible.

Take a listen to this podcast and I'd love to hear your thoughts. Yes, I've already reached out to Jeremy to learn more about how this could work.

Side bonus: the school evaluation model in UAE sounds really fascinating, too! Much better than basing it all on test scores.

The School Change Process

In my recent podcast listener survey, I had nearly all respondents ask how to make school change happen. They wanted to know the details around making our schools change.

So, I created a podcast where I listed what we are doing at my school. This is now the third school where I have implemented big change and it is also the third way we have made that change happen.

In the first school it was all about data and students meeting targets.

In the second school it was much more about meeting standards.

In the third school, it is about personalizing learning.

What hasn't changed much is the four step process to make change happen.

  1. Vision
  2. Communication & Culture
  3. Empowerment of faculty, parents, and students
  4. Continuous improvement

When these four are in place, life is good. The change happens.

Take a listen to the podcast here.

Loved #modelschools? Go deeper with these podcasts for the trip home!

If you, like me loved, the Model Schools Conference, you’re going to love these podcasts.

For listening to podcasts, I’d recommend Overcast for iPhone or Podcast Addict for Android.

Here are some of the podcasts that I’ve recorded with some presenters from #modelschools:

Bill Daggett

Sue Szachowicz

Eric Sheninger

Rob Carroll

Kyle Palmer

Also, if you want to take your leadership to the next level, check out the Transformative Leadership Summit, the #1 Online Leadership Conference focused exclusively on K–12 school leaders and teachers.

Podcasts to listen to on the way home from #NASSP16

It's time to head home from a great conference.

What to do on the plane? Sure, you could watch a movie, but here is a challenge. Listen to some of these great principals share what they have learned.

Listen to Todd Whitaker and Rick Wormeli talk about how to help your great teachers here:

Listen to William Parker talk about how to deal with difficult people, one of the most downloaded podcasts in the whole Transformative Principal catalog. Here:

Listen to this interview on the Better Leaders Better Schools podcast with Daniel Bauer about being nice and listening. Here:

Here, Baruti Kafele talks about how to reach every at-risk student:

Be sure to like Transformative Principal on Facebook, follow the blog, follow on Twitter @TrnFrmPrincipal, and subscribe to the podcast in iTunes.

I was able to interview some other great presenters from the conference, and their podcasts will be released soon.

Also, let me know if you are interested in joining a mastermind

#aste2016 Podcasts for the Trip Home

I had a great time this week at ASTE. I learned a lot and met some great people. I got lucky and was able to interview three of the four major presenters! You can subscribe to my podcast here:

The first interview was with Carl Hooker. He gave a leadership session on Saturday that was all day long.

The second was with the great Cory Doctorow. He gave a keynote about the challenges we face in this digital age.

The third I actually interviewed before he came to ASTE, and that was with Frederick Lane Episode 110 and Episode 111. He talks about Cybertraps for Educators and how to build health relationships.

Finally, Damon Hargraves and I presented on our schedule and app we created at the middle school. Here is the interview on my podcast and on Damon's

I hope as you travel home from ASTE, you can find some good information to deepen your learning from ASTE.